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Live Traffic Speeds
15 Minute Average Speed Over Last 5 Weekdays
VMT VHT Travel Time-AM Peak Travel Time-PM Peak
5903472 Miles 128638 Hours 205.17 Min (46.46 mph) 254.29 Min (40.56 mph)
(2.97 %) (13.13 %) (28.56 %) (12.61 %)
Detectors % Good 95th PCT Travel Time-AM Peak 95th PCT Travel Time-PM Peak
0 % 219.15 Min (44.49 mph) 281.06 Min (37.93 mph)
(19.98 %) (10.17 %)
Portal News


USDOT Releases Research Data Exchange (RDE) featuring PORTAL snapshot data

From the USDOT press release -"U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) Research and Innovative Technology Administration and the Federal Highway Administration released the first version of the Research Data Exchange (RDE), a transportation data sharing system that promotes sharing of archived and real-time data from multiple sources and multiple modes. This new data sharing capability will support the needs of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) researchers and developers while reducing costs and encouraging innovation. Data accessible through the RDE is quality-checked, well-documented, and available to the public. The RDE can be found on line at here.

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Portal Data used in TriMet Ad Verified by PolitiFact

A recent ad created by TriMet combined MAX data with Portal freeway data to conclude that "MAX carries 30 percent of evening rush-hour commuters traveling from Downtown on the Sunset and Banfield freeways." The Oregonian's PolitiFact team checked out this claim and verified it as true. See the story here . Thanks to Steve Callas for his data analysis and the link to story and ad.

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PORTAL Bluetooth and Ped/Bike Pages

Check out the new Bluetooth and Pedestrian and Bicycle Counting pages on the PORTAL demo site. The Ped/Bike page shows Pedestrian actuations at six locations along 82nd Avenue. The Bluetooth page shows arterial performance metrics including trip distance, average speed, and average, 85th and 95th percentile travel times for Bluetooth detectors on the Powell Blvd and 82nd Ave corridors.

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FHWA Test Data Set Published

The PORTAL FHWA Test Data Set submission has been published on the PORTAL web site. The data set consists of freeway, transit and arterial data for the I-205 Corridor in Portland, OR and documentation for that data. The data set is under review by the FHWA; the data set may be updated in response to their comments.

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PORTAL NATMEC Presentations

Three PORTAL-related presentations and posters will appear at NATMEC 2012. Performance Reporting using the PORTAL Transportation Data Archive, Towards Automated Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Collection, and A Framework for Multimodal Arterial Data Archiving.

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