What is Portal?

The Portal Story

Welcome to Portal, the official transportation archive for the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region. The purpose of this project is to implement the U.S. National ITS Architecture's Archived Data User Service for the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region. This system is being developed at Portland State University by students and faculty in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Kristin Tufte. We are working in close cooperation with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Metro, the City of Portland, TriMet, the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council and other regional partners. This work is supported by grants distributed through Metro and by the Southwest Washingtion Regional Transportation Council , the Oregon Transportation, Research and Education Consortium, the National Science Foundation , and the Federal Highway Administration.

We welcome your participation in our project. The current PORTAL system archives a wide variety of transportation-related data including the freeway loop detector data from the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region, weather data, incident data, transit data and freight data. We plan to expand the capabilities of our system and to include multimodal data sources, including additional transit data, arterial data and bicycle-pedestrian data from both Oregon and Washington. Please explore the site and let us know what you think. Feedback can be submitted on the Support tab.

PORTAL was founded by Dr. Robert L. Bertini. Dr. Bertini is currently on leave and is serving as the Deputy Administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration [RITA] at the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Faculty and Staff
Kristin Tufte , Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Wisconsin Madison, 2005
M.S., Computer Science, University of Wisconsin Madison, 1996
B.A., Mathematics, St. Olaf College, 1988

Dr. Kristin Tufte is a Research Assistant Professor in the departments of Computer Science and Civil & Environment Engineering. Dr. Tufte also holds an appointment with the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC). Dr. Tufte's area of specialization is data management and the application of data management technologies to Intelligent Transportation Systems. Dr. Tufte studies techniques for processing data streams such as network (Internet) traffic and traffic sensor data addressing the challenges inherent in procesins such bursty and disordered. Since July 2005, Dr. Tufte has worked with the Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab at Portland State University. At the ITS Lab Dr. Tufte has been involved in developing the PORTAL transportation data archive and in efforts to validate travel time estimation and assess the quality of the data in the PORTAL data archive. In addition, Dr. Tufte is involved in development of the latte stream-archive processing system and the Niagara Stream Query Engine.

Spicer Matthews ,

Staff Researcher

B.S., Computer Science, Portland State University,

Spicer would like to think of himself as an international man of mystery, a connoisseur of life, a sage of perfection, or even a conqueror of intellect. However, none of these things are true. Spicer is actually a staff researcher on the PORTAL project and is currently working on prototype Web 2.0 features for PORTAL. Along with working on PORTAL, Spicer is also a property manager and IT consultant. Yes, a rather odd combo, you will have to corner Spicer to find out more about this broad career that he has. When he is not working, Spicer loves snowboarding, mountain biking, and white water kayaking.

Robert L.Bertini , Ph.D. P.E.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

With 25 years of experience in the transportation field, Robert L. Bertini's career has included planning, design, and con struction of highway, rail and airport facilities. At Portland State, Bertini has developed a research program, laboratory, and graduate curriculum in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), attracting external funding (www.its.pdx.edu). Bertini is the recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award, which is supporting the development of PORTAL, an online transportation data archive (portal.its.pdx.edu). As director of the statewide Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC, see www.otrec.us), his research focuses on the integration of new technologies and is benefiting from collaborations with other disciplines such as urban planning and electrical engineering/computer science. Bertini works in partnership with local, regional, state, federal, and international transportation organizations on research that integrates new technologies toward making our transportation system more efficient, effective, and equitable. Bertini's research interests include: new data sources, sensor technology, data analysis, data fusion; traffic flow theory and macroscopic modeling; performance measures and evaluation of transportation systems, programs and policies; safety data analysis and improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists; multimodal traveler information, routing and control; and sustainability through new mobility services and alternative fuels. Prior to entering academia, Bertini worked as a transportation engineer and served as a City Planning Commissioner (for more information see web.pdx.edu/~bertini)

Current Students
Student Alumni
Rafael Fernandez-Moctezuma

Ph.D. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
B.S. Computer Systems Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, San Luis Pososi, Mexico, 2001
M.S. Computer Science, OGI-OHSU, Portland, Oregon, 2005
Graduate Research Assistant

Rafael was born and raised in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He received his B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from ITESM Campus San Luis (2001), and his M.Sc. in Computer Science from OGI-OHSU (2005). He is currently pursuing hs Ph.D. in Computer Science at Portland State University. His interests in database systems, machine learning, and knowledge discovery in databases intersect well with his curiosity in transportation systems. He is currently interested in system state estimation problems found in transportation. He enjoys photography, opera, science fiction, and politics.

Ben Auffray

M.S. Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering, L'école nationale des travaux publics d'Etat (ENTPE)
B.S., Civil Engineering, National School of Public State Work, Marseille, France,
Visiting Scholar

Ben grew up in the South of France and studied in Marseille. After college, Ben spent 3 years in an intensive class dealing with math and physics then sat for a nationwide exam which gave him the opportunity to enter the ENTPE (National School of Public State Work) as a civil servant which required an internship of 6 months. Due to his interest in transport, Ben chose to come to the ITS Lab at Portland State University. Ben really enjoys sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, skiing, and sailing and plans to get involved in the Portland sports scene soon! Ben presented a paper at the ITE District 6 Annual Meeting in Hawaii in 2006.

Priya Chavan

M.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
B.E. Computer Science & Engineering, Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum, India, 2004
Graduate Research Assistant

Priya was born and raised in Bagalkot, Karnataka India. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Visveswaraiah Technological University in 2004. She worked at Infosys's Bangalore campus for 1.5 years. She moved to San Bruno, California in March 2006 and worked there as a software engineer for 6 months. She came to Portland State University in Fall 2006 to get an opportunity to do cutting-edge research and earn her Master's degree. Her interests are in the field of databases and network security.

John Chee

M.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
B.S. Computer Science, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 2008
Graduate Research Assistant

John Chee was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Growing up in Portland he became familiar with both high technology and urban transportation. After finishing his B.S. at Portland State he decided to pursue a M.S. in Computer Science with a focus on databases and programming languages. John works on the PORTAL project and loves to work with scripts and interfaces managing and presenting the massive amount of data the project is collecting. In his free time he likes to play video games, listen to vocal trance, discuss computing and modern religion.

Daniel Colish

M.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
B.A. English, Union College, Schenectady, NY, 12308
Graduate Research Assistant

Dan moved here from Brooklyn, NY to pursue a M.S. in computer science. After receiving an B.A. in English from Union College, he became involved in electronic publishing workflows and digital media management. While still in NYC, he accepted a job as a System/Database admin and became interested in data warehousing and online query processing for analytics. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and programming.

Nevin Freeman

M.S. Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University
B.S, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 2009
Graduate Research Assistant

Nevin moved to Portland from his home town of Ashland, OR in 2005. He is a new member on the PORTAL team, and is happy to finally have a reason to learn R. He likes bikes, and is involved with the PSU Cycling Team, the PSU Bike Advocacy Collective, and the Community Development Student Group.

Steve Hansen

Master of Urban and Regional Planning Student, School of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University
B.S., Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University, Cornell, New York,
Graduate Research Assistant

Steve received a B.S. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University. His interests include traffic flow theory, transportation and land use modeling, and sustainable development. Steve is currently studying traffic features related to queued and congested flows using loop detector data from a highway in Germany. His work experience includes managing a data warehouse of nationwide sales data for a 5,000 person sales force. As an intern at 1000 Friends of Oregon, he helped coordinate a community design charrette. Before moving to Portland, Oregon, Steve spent two years as a ski instructor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Experiencing the natural beauty of Jackson Hole while observing the transportation and land use challenges associated with rapid growth inspired him to pursue a career in urban planning. Steve was the recipient of a TransNow Fellowship for 2003-2004. Steve has worked at PB Consult in Portland. In 2004-2005, Steve also received a TransNow Fellowship. Steve also won a Poster Competition Award and a Presentation Award at the 2004 TransNow Student Conference. Steve also presented papers at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, D.C. and at the ITE Quad Conference in Vancouver, B.C. Steve works for Metro in Portland.

Sathish Kumar Periasamy

M.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
B.Tech Information Technology, Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 2005
Graduate Research Assistant

Sathish Kumar was born and brought up in India. He did his B.Tech there and worked for two years in Third Binary Alternatives, India. He has lots of experience developing web applications and banking applications. He has worked on projects for top companies like EMC, BankOfAmerica, Merrill Lynch. His research interest in Databases, Programming Languages made him come to the US to do Master's degree in the field of Computer Science. He enjoys working on new things in the PORTAL project (currently R Plot, JQuery). He likes the scenic beauty and the climate of Portand. He loves outdoor activities (Travelling to scenic places, playing cricket, water games, riding car). He hopes to enjoy visiting lots of new places in the US.

James Whiteneck

B.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
B.S. Computer Science, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 2009
Graduate Research Assistant

James was born in Walnut Creek, CA and grew up in the Bay Area. He moved up to Portland in the summer of 2006 and really enjoys it up here. He's just finished his BS degree in Computer Science and is continuing on for a MS. In his free time James loves watching sports, playing dodgeball and basketball, movies, playing poker, and watching movies.

Thareth Yin

M.S. Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon,
Graduate Research Assistant

Thareth won a 2004 Poster Competition Award for her poster presented at the Northwest Tranpsortation Conference. Thareth was also awarded a $1000 Fellowship by the Federal Highway Administration (2004) to attend the IEEE ITSC in Washington, D.C., and also won a $500 Scholarship (2004) from ITS Oregon. Thareth works at the Portland Office of Transportation

Andrew Byrd

B.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Andrew came to Portland from Ohio because of the city's reputation in the urban planning field, and his experience in the ITS lab allowed him to take a deeper look at the joint management of cities and transportation systems. His most significant work in the lab was on the initial design and implementation of the PORTAL transportation data archiving system, and he collaborated with Metro for one of its first applications: the use of empirical data to evaluate and improve travel demand modelling functions. He also developed GIS data collection software for handheld computers, including a version customized for bicycle use surveys. Andrew finished his bachelor's degree with an exchange program in Lyon, and has remained in France to work on his Master's degree in the "City-Mobility-Transport" program at the Paris Urbanism Institute and the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées. He is primarily interested in the coordination of land use planning and transportation systems in the interest of reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Andy Delcambre

B.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Andy was born in Lafayette, LA and moved to Oregon when he was ten. He graduated from Sunset High School in Beaverton, OR in 2001. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science from Portland State University. His current work in the lab is programming the Data Archive of the loop detector network throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area. Andy's other interests include snowboarding, camping, fishing and hiking. Andy is also the secretary and webmaster for the Mega Gamers club at Portland State University. Andy also won a Poster Competition Award and a Presentation Awardat the 2004 Trans Now Student Conference.

Jessica Potter

B.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jessica transfered to Portland State from University of Arizona because she couldn't live with triple digit temperatures nor the lack of 4 seasons, trees, and the ocean. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science. She loves working with databases and making that data look "pretty" such as with tables and graphs, which makes her very much at home with the PORTAL project. She also loves the public transportation of Portland. She expects to graduate in December of 2006 and has not yet decided what she will do then. When not busy with campus activities, she enjoys hiking, writing, arts and crafts, visiting the beach, and gardening.

Andy Rodriguez

B.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Andy is currently working on computing solutions for the PORTAL website along with other miscellaneous projects for the ITS Lab. One time he saw a moose. Andy is now working for PTV America in Corvallis, OR.

James Rucker

B.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant

James is a junior in Computer Science and a native Oregonian. His interests in databases and transportation drew him to the ITS lab's PORTAL project, where he gets to convert overwhelming amounts of loop detector data into visually digestible and colorful maps. When he's not in class or pursuing his other interests on campus, he enjoys outdoor activities like camping and hiking, and exploring the Oregon Coast.

Tim Welch

B.S. Student, Computer Science, Portland State University
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Tim grew up in Warrenton, OR at the mouth of the Columbia River. In '99 he left the coast for Portland to study Computer Science. Tim is interested in applying his CS skills to fields like geography and geology and working with a variety of professionals and is looking at continuing his education in one of these fields in the future. Tim is currently president of the PSU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (www.acm.pdx.edu). He has been making functional pottery since 2000, and his work is mainly wood and salt fired. Whiskey flasks and pitchers are his specialty.


Kristin Tufte presented at NATMEC - July 2014

Kristin Tufte attended the NATMEC conference in Chicago, IL. She gave a presentation entitled "Portal: Applications of New Technology to Transportation Data Archiving." This presentation was one of four PSU presentations at NATMEC - including presentations on Mining Pedestrian Push-Button Activations, Adjustment Factors for Nonmotorized Traffic and the use of Signal Controllers to Count Bicycles. The NATMEC Program as well as slides can be found here: NATMEC Program and Slides. Links in Royal Blue are slides available for viewing.

Kristin Tufte presented at TransPort - June 2014

Kristin Tufte gave an update on the Portal project at the June TransPort meeting. The update covered recent accomplishments including the transit map, availability of new data and Slides.

USDOT Releases Research Data Exchange (RDE) featuring PORTAL snapshot data - March 2013

From the USDOT press release -"U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) Research and Innovative Technology Administration and the Federal Highway Administration released the first version of the Research Data Exchange (RDE), a transportation data sharing system that promotes sharing of archived and real-time data from multiple sources and multiple modes. This new data sharing capability will support the needs of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) researchers and developers while reducing costs and encouraging innovation. Data accessible through the RDE is quality-checked, well-documented, and available to the public. The RDE can be found on line at here.

Portal Data used in TriMet Ad Verified by PolitiFact - February 2013

A recent ad created by TriMet combined MAX data with Portal freeway data to conclude that "MAX carries 30 percent of evening rush-hour commuters traveling from Downtown on the Sunset and Banfield freeways." The Oregonian's PolitiFact team checked out this claim and verified it as true. See the story here . Thanks to Steve Callas for his data analysis and the link to story and ad.

PORTAL Bluetooth and Ped/Bike Pages - June 2012

Check out the new Bluetooth and Pedestrian and Bicycle Counting pages on the PORTAL demo site. The Ped/Bike page shows Pedestrian actuations at six locations along 82nd Avenue. The Bluetooth page shows arterial performance metrics including trip distance, average speed, and average, 85th and 95th percentile travel times for Bluetooth detectors on the Powell Blvd and 82nd Ave corridors.

FHWA Test Data Set Published - December 2011

The PORTAL FHWA Test Data Set submission has been published on the PORTAL web site. The data set consists of freeway, transit and arterial data for the I-205 Corridor in Portland, OR and documentation for that data. The data set is under review by the FHWA; the data set may be updated in response to their comments.

PORTAL NATMEC Presentations - December 2011

Three PORTAL-related presentations and posters will appear at NATMEC 2012. Performance Reporting using the PORTAL Transportation Data Archive, Towards Automated Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Collection, and A Framework for Multimodal Arterial Data Archiving.

PORTAL TAC Meeting - December 2011

A PORTAL TAC Meeting was held Dec 19, 2011 at the ITS Lab. Meeting Agenda and Materials.

PORTAL Demo Site - December 2011

A demo site for PORTAL is now available. This site shows the latest features in development and provides for agency and user review before the features are published to the main PORTAL web site.

Three PORTAL Papers to be presented at TRB - November 2011

Three PORTAL-related papers will be presented at TRB 2012. The papers are: User Needs and Enhancements to PORTAL, Preliminary Development of Methods to Automatically Gather Bicycle Counts and Pedestrian Delay at Signalized Intersections, and A Framework for Multimodal Arterial Data Archiving.

ITS Lab and PORTAL Selected to Populate USDOT's Research Data Environment - October 2011

ITS Lab researchers (Dr. Tufte and Dr. Monsere), in cooperation with the City of Portland, Trimet, ODOT, and Metro were selected as 1 of 4 teams nationally to being populating the USDOT's connected vehicle initiative research data environment. The project will provide a cleaned, multimodal research-ready data that includes data gathered from freeway loop detectors, bus automatic vehicle location (AVL) devices, light rail transit, arterial Media Access Control (MAC) readers, and arterial traffic signals (including detailed phasing information).

FHWA Team Visits Portland State University - October 2011

A team from the FHWA visited Portland State University to discuss the creation of a Test Data Set for the FHWA's Connected Vehicle Initiative. The PSU team is producing a multi-modal data set for the I-205 Corridor consisting of freeway, incident and transit data and arterial signal and phase and timing data.

Monsere Presents to Portland Postgres Users Group (pdxPUG) - July 2011

Monsere presented "Data Visualization and Exploration Techniques Using R and Postgres" to the Portland Postgres Users Group (pdxPUG). The presentation summarized the new transportation data analysis class that has been developed at PSU as part of our education research project with the Region 10 consortium. In the class, students connect R to the regional transportation data archive at PSU's Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab housed in Postgres. The presentation showcased some of the interesting data visualizations we've created, advantages of making this connections, as well as some the limitations.

ITS Lab Students Submit Video to RITA's Challenge - July 2011

Students from the Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab at Portland State University have submitted a video in response to the ITS Video Challenge is sponsored by the U.S. DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Federal Highway Administration, and Federal Transit Administration The video is located here. The team is made up as follows: Eric Albright (student), Brian Davis (student), Wei Feng (student), Sirisha Kothuri (student), Peter Koonce (PSU Professor), Carl Olson (student), Courtney Slavin (student).

PORTAL TAC Meeting - May 2011

A PORTAL TAC Meeting was held Monday, May 9, 2011 at the ITS Lab at Portland State University. Materials included: Agenda, Activities and Plans , Funding Sources , Multi-Modal Project Update .

Dr. Monsere Presents to Oregon SAE Chapter - March 2011

Dr. Monsere presented to the Oregon Chapter of SAE on the PORTAL data archive at their monthly lunch meeting. A link to the presentation is here

PSU and ITS Lab Active at 2011 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting - January 2011

PSU faculty and students were very active at this year's TRB Annual Meeting, held January 23-27 in Washington, D.C. More than 30 students and 8 faculty members from PSU attended. Twenty of those presentations includes at least one ITS lab researcher or faculty member.

See a complete list of the ITS Lab participation here or browse the titles of the 19 papers presented at the 2011 TRB Annual Meeting 2011:

  • Calibrating the Highway Safety Manual Predictive Models for Oregon State Highways. Authors: Xie, Fei; Gladhill, Kristie; Dixon, Karen K.; Monsere, Christopher M.
  • Identifying Surface Transportation Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessment Opportunities under Climate Change: Case Study in Portland, Oregon. Authors: Walker, Lindsay; Figliozzi, Miguel; Haire, Ashley Raye; MacArthur, John.
  • Using Archived Automatic Vehicle Location and Automatic Passenger Count Bus Data to Identify Spatial-Temporal Causes of Bus Bunching. Authors: Feng, Wei; Figliozzi, Miguel.
  • Techniques to Visualize and Monitor Transit Fleet Operational Performance in Urban Areas. Authors: Feng, Wei; Figliozzi, Miguel; Hostetler, Kristina.
  • Impact of Bicycle Lane Characteristics on Bicyclists’ Exposure to Traffic-Related Particulate Matter. Authors: Kendrick, Christine M.; Moore, Adam; Haire, Ashley; Bigazzi, Alexander; Figliozzi, Miguel ; Monsere, Christopher M.; George, Linda.
  • Bicycle Parking Analysis Using Time-Series Photography. Authors: Moskovitz, David Alan; Wheeler, Nikki.
  • Investigating Key Factors Affecting Accuracy of Reidentification of Trucks over Long Distances Based on Axle Measurement Data. Authors: Cetin, Mecit; Monsere, Christopher M.; Nichols, Andrew P.; Ustun, Ilyas.
  • Multi-criteria Trucking Freeway Performance Measures in Congested Corridors. Authors: Wheeler, Nikki; Figliozzi, Miguel.
  • Bikeability and the Twenty-Minute Neighborhood: How Infrastructure and Destinations Influence Bicycle Accessibility.Authors: McNeil, Nathan Winslow.
  • Quantifying and Comparing Effects of Weather on Bicycle Demand in Melbourne, Australia, and Portland, Oregon. Authors: Rose, Geoffrey; Ahmed, Farhana; Figliozzi, Miguel; Jakob, Christian.
  • Climate Action Plans and Long-Range Transportation Plans in the Pacific Northwest: Review of State of the Practice. Authors: Walker, Lindsay; Figliozzi, Miguel; Haire, Ashley; MacArthur, John.
  • Economic and Environmental Optimization of Vehicle Fleets: Case Study of Impacts of Policy, Market, Utilization, and Technological Factors. Authors: Figliozzi, Miguel, Boudart, Jesse; Feng, Wei.
  • Assessing Bicyclist and Pedestrian Exposure to Ultrafine Particles: Passive Shielding with Noise Barriers. Authors: Moore, Adam; Kendrick, Christine; Bigazzi, Alexander; Haire, Ashley; George, Linda; Figliozzi, Miguel; Monsere, Christopher M.
  • Analysis of the Relative Efficiency of Freeway Congestion Mitigation as an Emission Reduction Strategy. Authors: Bigazzi, Alexander; Figliozzi, Miguel.
  • Motorists’ Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Modeling the Effects of Traffic Characteristics. Authors: Bigazzi, Alexander; Figliozzi, Miguel; Clifton, Kelly.
  • Evaluation of Bike Boxes at Signalized Intersections. Authors: Monsere, Christopher M.; Dill, Jennifer; McNeil, Nathan.
  • Automatically Generating Empirical Speed-Flow Traffic Parameters from Archived Sensor Data. Authors: Li, Huan 1b; Monsere, Christopher M.
  • Algorithms to Study Impacts of Travel Time Reliability Along Multisegment Trucking Freight Corridors.Authors: Figliozzi, Miguel; Wheeler, Nikki, Sarkar, Shreemoyee.
  • Online Freight Network Assignment Model with Transportation Disruptions and Recourse.Authors: Unnikrishnan, Avinash; Figliozzi, Miguel.

ITS Lab Host RITA administrator Peter Appel - November 2010

The ITS Lab hosted Peter Appel, administrator of the federal Research and Innovative Technology Administration, as part of his visit to OTREC to help launch the Oregon Modeling Collaborative. Lab faculty and students (including OTREC faculty from OSU, UO, and OIT) presented short updates on OTREC-funded research.

Dr. Clifton launches the Oregon Modeling Collaborative - November 2010

Director Kelly Clifton, associate professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, officially launched the Oregon Modeling Collaborative with a media event hosted on Friday Nov 12. The Oregon Modeling Collaborative (OMC) brings together experts from universities, public agencies and private consultants to support and enhance this nationally acclaimed program. With sophisticated analytical methods and tools, a major statewide data collection program underway, and the leadership provided by the Oregon Modeling Steering Committee (OMSC), the ability of Oregon modelers to meet the challenges of planning for a sustainable future is on firm footing. Dr. Clifton is pictured with RITA administrator Peter Appel, OTREC Director and SUSP associate professor Jennifer Dill and PSU President Wim Wiewel.

Dr. Tufte Presents on PORTAL at PSU'S Friday Transportation Seminar - October 2010

Dr. Tufte presented on recent updates and planned enhancements to the PORTAL regional data archive at PSU's Friday transportation seminar. PORTAL is the Portland-Vancouver Region's Archived Data User Service. Watch an archive of the stream at here

ITS Lab Active at North American Travel Monitoring Exhibition and Conference (NATMEC) - June 2010

ITS Lab faculty and students made six presentations at at the North American Travel Monitoring Exhibition and Conference (NATMEC) June 21-24, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. The conference, organized by the Transportation Research Board, "provides an opportunity for traffic monitoring professionals to exchange and share information related to the collection, management, and use of monitored traffic data in all applications".

The presentations (which are posted online at here include:

  • Kristin A. Tufte. Portal 2.0: Towards a Next-Generation Archived Data User Service
  • Wei Feng, M. Figlozzi. "Techniques to Visualize and Monitor the Performance of Transit Fleets in Congested Urban Areas"
  • Christopher M. Monsere. "A Framework for a Multimodal Regional Data Archive"
  • Christopher M. Monsere. "Developing Corridor-Level Truck Travel Time Estimates and Other Freight Performance Measures From Archived ITS Data"
  • Nikki Wheeler, M. Figlozzi, S. Sakar. "Techniques for Mining and Complementing Truck Traffic Data and to Analyze the Impacts of Congestion"
  • Kristin A. Tufte. "Loop Detector Data Quality Monitoring"
Dr. Monsere also moderated 1 session and was on the conference planning team. Professor Bertini made the closing remarks at the conference.

Portal 2.0 Webinar - June 2010

Deena Platman and Kristin Tufte host a webinar on Portal 2.0. More information can be found here .

Upcoming PORTAL TAC Meetings - June 2010

Upcoming PORTAL TAC Meetings are scheduled for Monday, September 13th Monday, December 6th. Meetings run from 10:30 am - Noon and are held at the PSU ITS Lab.

ITS Lab Hosts ITS Oregon and TransPORT for a session on Intellidrive - May 2010

Gene McHale and Walter During from FHWA, Washington D.C. briefed TransPORT and ITS Oregon members on the USDOT's IntelliDrive Data Capture and Management Program and the IntelliDrive Dynamic Mobility Applications Programs. Following the briefing, there was an interactive session on how the Portland area could participate and leverage the federal programs. McHale and During were also given a "Test Drive" of PORTAL by Dr. Tufte, Dr. Monsere, Peter Koonce (PBOT), Deena Platman (Metro), and Nathaniel Price (FHWA-Oregon). Thanks for a great visit!

OTREC Proposals Submitted - April 2010

OTREC proposals for additional transit and arterial work in PORTAL submitted.

ITS Lab Hosts A Visit with Mike Quear - February 2010

The ITS Lab hosted a visit by Mike Quear, congressional staffer. The tour included Hau Haugedorn, Research Program Manager at OTREC highlighting collaborative research and a short presentation from Prof. Monsere about the ITS Lab and PORTAL. John MacArthur, also of OTREC, briefly discussed the electric vehicle initiatives being supported by OTREC. See the final report from the EV Working Group.

ITS Lab Mourns the Loss of Bill Kloos - November 2009

It is with great sadness that ITS Lab faculty and students pass along the news of the death of William C. Kloos on November 4th. Bill was a long time supporter of the ITS Lab, the CEE Department (he served on our advisory board), and PSU students. Bill was an extremely innovative traffic engineer and more importantly a great person. We will miss his humor, insight and help and everything that he contributed to our profession and world. Our thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time. A Celebration of Life is planned for January 9 at 3 PM at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 3228 SW Sunset Blvd., Portland, OR 97239 (SW Dosch & Sunset Blvd).

Prof. Monsere Presents Lab Work at the Innovations in Congestion Monitoring Workshop, Beijing China - October 2009

Prof. Monsere gave an invited presentation about the ITS Lab's recent activities at the Innovations in Congestion Monitoring Workshop in Beijing China October 28-29, 2009. The workshop was sponsored by the Beijing Transportation Research Center and co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Committee of Transportation, the Texas Transportation Institute, and the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Performance Measures Committee. The workshop's objective was to share knowledge to help understand traffic congestion, which is a critical transportation issue in China. Increasing urbanization, economic development, and private auto ownership are combining to create large delays and a lack of reliability on most major urban highways and streets throughout the entire daytime hours. The conference was very enjoyable (Dr. Monsere is shown at right visiting Summer Palace with co-presenters) and a success.

ITS Lab Hosts TransPort Technical Advisory Committee Meeting - October 2009

On October 14, 2009 TransPort Technical Advisory Committee visited the ITS Lab to meet with Prof. Kristin Tufte, Prof. Chris Monsere, PORTAL team, and PSU students. James Whiteneck, Shreemoyee Sarkar, Poonam Singh and Sathish Periasamy had presentations on latest enhancements to PORTAL (Portal 2.0). PSU students Kristie Gladhill, Meead Saberi, Ryan Conrad, Nikki Wheeler, and April Cutter also made presentations about their research projects. We were pleased to welcome our guests to PSU and had an excellent discussion on various topics. Presentations are available: Saberi, Wheeler, Whiteneck, Sarkar, Periasamy, Singh .

Shelley Row, ITS Joint Program Office Director, Visits ITS Lab - August 2009

Dr. Kristin Tufte led a debriefing of the PSU ITS Lab on August 26 for Shelley Row, ITS Joint Program Office Director. Students Huan Li (Detection of Bottleneck Activation Historically and in Real-Time), Alex Bigazzi ("Greening" PORTAL), Heba Wakiel (Developing Corridor-Level Truck Travel Time Estimates and Other Freight Performance Measures from Archived ITS Data), and Ryan Conrad (Algorithms and Methodologies to Analyze and Quantify the Impacts of Congestion on Time-dependent Real-world Urban Networks) gave presentations on their OTREC-supported work. TransPort representatives Deena Platman (METRO), Dennis Mitchell (ODOT), and Jim Gelhar (City of Gresham) also provided an overview of their work. The debriefing was followed by a reception that was co-sponsored by WTS and OTREC.

Bertini Appointed Deputy Administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration at the US Department of Transportation - August 2009

Professor Bertini has been appointed the deputy administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration at the US Department of Transportation. As the founding director of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab and the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium, Bertini's influence on transportation education and research at PSU is nearly unmeasurable. All of the current, past and future ITS Lab faculty and students thank Prof. Bertini for his unending effort and dedication to making so many things possible. We wish him all the best in his new position and look forward to working with him in the future! See the story in the Oregonian

PORTAL project releases a video depicting 1,000 days of bottlenecks on northbound I-5 in Portland - March 2009

The PORTAL project in the ITS Lab recently released a video depicting 1,000 days of bottlenecks on northbound I-5 in Portland. Using data collected from ODOT freeway sensors, the PORTAL team has developed a mechanism for identifying bottlenecks and characterizing their impact on freeway performance. For more information see PORTAL. Watch the video:

PORTAL used for Corridor Summary - March 2009

PORTAL data was used to prepare corridor operating condition summaries to be included in the regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) plan. These summaries are an example of the use of PORTAL data for planning and problem identification. We include links to two example summaries one for I-5 NB and one for I-5 SB. The summaries were created by Jen Bachman of DKS. Thanks to Jim Peters, also of DKS, for providing them to the ITS Lab team.

PORTAL TAC Kickoff Meeting - January 2009

The PORTAL Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was convened for a kickoff meeting. This TAC will provide advice and guidance to the PORTAL team as they work towards making the PORTAL archive professional and sustainable. Presentations were made by Dr. Kristin Tufte and Spicer Matthews. Slides can be found at this link: http://www.its.pdx.edu/pdf/portal_tac_kickoff.pdf.

Rafael Fernandez presents paper at CIDR 2009 - January 2009

Rafael J. Fernandez-Moctezuma, Kristin Tufte, and Jin Li authored the paper "Inter-Operator Feedback in Data Stream Management Systems via Punctuation", accepted to the Fourth Biennial Conference on Innovative Database Research (CIDR 2009). The conference had a 27% accept rate. The paper documents a new inter-operator feedback mechanism in stream engines. The work is part of the latte project, which aims toward refinement and development of stream engines which support online processing of data streams, such as the traffic data from freeway loop detectors.

ITS Lab Students and Faculty Participate in 15th World Congress on ITS - November 2008

ITS Lab students and faculty were active participants in the 15th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems, held in New York City, November 16-20, 2008. Lisa Diercksen, MS student, presented "A Second Look at the Effectiveness of the Myrtle Creek Dynamic Advanced Curve Warning System;" Jerzy Wieczorek, MS student, presented "Using Archived ITS Data to Automatically Identify Freeway Bottlenecks in Portland, Oregon;" Rafael J. Fernandez-Moctezuma, Ph.D. student, presented "Developing an Imputation Strategy for an Archived Data User Service in Portland, Oregon;" Galen McGill of the Oregon Department of Transportation presented "Accuracy in Real-Time Estimation of Travel Time," co-authored with Prof. Tufte. Prof. Robert Bertini also presented "Empirical Evaluation of Adaptive Ramp Metering Along Two Freeway Corridors in Portland, Oregon;" and "Toward Transport Payment Integration in Portland, Oregon." The World Congress is sponsored by ITS AMerica, ERTICO-ITS Europe and ITS Japan.

Monsere Presents PORTAL visulization techniques in FHWA Webinar - November 2008

Prof. Monsere presented about PORTAL's unique visualization capabilities during a Travel Model Improvement Program webinar on November 13, 2008 titled "Using Visualization Techniques to Communicate Transportation Planning Data". The webinar featured four interesting presentation and a virtual audience of nearly 120. A complete transcript including a PDF of the presentation can be found here

PORTAL October Report Produced - November 2008

The PORTAL October report has been produced. This report details a high-level investigation into the data quality of the ODOT loop detector data in the PORTAL data archive addressing issues such as validity of no traffic readings, technically invalid zero occupancy readings, high speed readings and low overnight speeds. Conclusions and recommendations are included. Report

Kristin Tufte presented at NATMEC - July 1900

Kristin Tufte attended the NATMEC conference in Chicago, IL. She gave a presentation entitled "Portal: Applications of New Technology to Transportation Data Archiving." This presentation was one of four PSU presentations at NATMEC - including presentations on Mining Pedestrian Push-Button Activations, Adjustment Factors for Nonmotorized Traffic and the use of Signal Controllers to Count Bicycles. The NATMEC Program as well as slides can be found here: NATMEC Program and Slides. Links in Royal Blue are slides available for viewing.